Hey, last Monday I accidentally slammed the metal corner of a car door against my leg.

Swiped it right against the leg and made a nice gouge which turned into a giant purple/red bruise.

Yeah. Ouch.
Hurts like heck.

Actually, it hurts slightly more than heck.

Here’s to hobbling a shorter distance

Because of all the foot trouble I’ve had lately, I actually was able to get a handicap parking thingy.

It’s only temporary.  It lasts for 6 months.

Still, any help is better than none.

The irony, I’ve found, is that sometimes the handicap spots are actually further away than some others.


Being the only person on the planet means all the chocolate is mine! Bwahaha!

This evening I went to see a movie.

I went all by myself, and I ended up being the only one in the theater.

There were other people in the other rooms watching other movies, I guess, but I was the only one watching the one I’d picked.

Plus, since mine was apparently the longest and the last one of the evening, I was the very last person to leave the building.

When I left, my car was the only one left in the parking lot.

It was kinda weird, like those Twilight Zone episodes where the guy discovers he’s the only person left on the planet.


By the way, the movie I saw was “Oz: The Great And Powerful”.

Meh.  It was ok.  Not spectacular but not horrible. I ended up sympathizing with the evil green chick and feeling kinda annoyed with the sappy sweet “good” witch.

I won’t spoil it for you in case you haven’t seen it yet.

You might want to watch it right now; you’ll be the only person there.

Various thoughts related to fast food establishments

1. I am old enough to remember when McDonald’s sandwiches were served in styrofoam containers.

2. There used to be a taco place in Lansing (Mich) called “Mr. Taco”. It went out of business a few years ago and I was very sad because it was AWESOME.

3. If you eat Arby’s food in a Wendy’s parking lot, they might call the police on you. Seriously. It happened to me. I posted about it on the Jannaverse here.

I’m still here! Really! Well, except for my thumbnail.

First of all, hi, everyone. Long time no post.
Sorry about that.

Second of all, OUCH! I ripped half my thumbnail off while putting on my coat this morning. Yeah, I dunno how it happened. Clearly I have the secret evil black leather coat of death.

Thirdly, it is currently so cold that my liver closely resembles one of those cheap popsicle sticks you see in the supermarket.

It might be lime flavored.

Me, rambling on about low blood sugar and stuff

Today I learned that I’m becoming more and more like my mother.
This isn’t always a bad thing.
It was today, though.
She has problems with low blood sugar, and sometimes if she doesn’t eat often enough, she can shake and become dizzy. I even saw her pass out from it once.
Today I guess I didn’t eat enough. I had a bowl of cereal and some blueberries for breakfast. All I had for lunch was a salad. (Just vegetables, croutons, and lowfat vinaigrette. No protein.)
By late afternoon, I knew something was wrong. I was confused and disoriented, and I’d started feeling agitated and shaky. A couple times when I tried walking across the room, I nearly tripped over my own feet.
I had plans to go somewhere tonight, but here I am at home instead. I just ate dinner and I’m going to go to bed early. I still feel like my brain isn’t quite all there.
I guess this means I need to start doing what Mom does. She has to eat something every three hours. And it has to have protein, otherwise the symptoms happen anyway.
I drank a lot today (water and zero-calorie stuff), so I know I can’t be dehydrated. I’ve been peeing so much I could melt a glacier.
Anyway, I’m going to go lay down pretty soon.
I thought it’d be better for me to ramble on and on about this over here at Jantics instead of on the Jannaverse or Jantrails.
I forget why, but it probably has something to do with the fact that nobody ever reads what I write over here.
Good night.

Please stay on the line… your call is important to us… your call will be answered as soon as we finish our donuts

Today I had to spend F-O-R-E-V-E-R on hold, waiting for tech support. I was having a problem connecting and sending e-mail (I could receive e-mail but couldn’t send).
Between last night and this morning, I had to call three times before it all got fixed.
Twenty years ago, I knew nothing about computers. I hated them, and they hated me. We would send each other hateful glances from across the room. If I dared to attempt using one, something rotten would always happen.
Despite six years of college and two degrees, I still had no clue how to work a computer. Then, about 16 years ago, I decided enough was enough. I enrolled in a few classes at the local community college (ironic, considering all the years of college I’d had elsewhere), and finally figured out how to use these lousy things.
We called a truce, and the hateful glances mellowed down to more of an uneasy suspiciousness, which in turn mellowed down to a begrudging respect.
Now, in 2012, I have three blogs (four, if you count the Tumblr blog where I indulge my obsession for R.E.M. and Mike Mills).
So you can imagine my frustration when occasional issues still arise.
I hate having to call tech support.
I hate waiting on hold for a long long time.
But I guess the problem is fixed now.

So now, the computer and I can go back to our suspicious glances, or awkward tolerance, or begrudging respect, or whatever it is we’re doing this week.

Number three will probably happen first

When I was young I loved winter.
I hated summer.

Now that I’m getting disturbingly old, I hate winter. I actually look forward to summer.

This makes no sense, does it?
I’ve become the opposite of my former self.

If this is true, here are some other changes I can soon expect:

1. I will learn to appreciate rap music. (*shudder*)

2. I will decide that freshly-fertilized farm crops don’t really stink all that bad on a hot sunny humid day.

3. I will decide that it’s perfectly ok to fart while waiting in line a long time at the post office.

4. I will look forward to cleaning the litter box.

I bet the Grinch loves ice cream too

It’s the night before Christmas and….
And I don’t celebrate Christmas, so it’s just another night for me.
The problem is that I’m craving ice cream.
And of course every place is closed for the holiday right now.
No ice cream!

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but…

No, wait.
Never mind.
That’s just some plane flying overhead.
And I bet they’re not even serving ice cream.

I hate the holidays.

Wearing black for no discernible reason

I am wearing all black today.
I can’t decide whether I feel Amish, or I’m in mourning, or desperately trying to pretend to be elegant.
I suppose it could be all three, if I wanted it badly enough.
I could never be Amish.
Sometimes we just need electricity in our lives, when we need to bake those pizza rolls and microwave those leftovers.
Oh, and it’s easier to blog when the cord is plugged into the outlet.